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The Case for Private Pay Physical Therapy in the Lehigh Valley, PA

Scenario 1: Your 85 year old Dad just got discharged home from St. Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem, PA after he had a stroke. He is weak and having a hard time getting around. You were told during your discharge meeting that he would be receiving home health physical therapy but no one has called yet and you are nervous to leave your Dad at home. A private pay physical therapist can be at your Dad's home the day of discharge and can evaluate your Dad at home as well as the safety and condition in his home. No waiting. Phew! The physical therapist can make sure the stairs, bathroom, bedroom are all safe, making equipment recommendations as needed. The private pay physical therapist can train family members with transfers and gait training. Even better, your Dad can set up a schedule that day with the therapist. It is just that easy. Your Dad can be safe and get strong at home. The private pay physical therapist can then work side by side with the home care physical therapist too. This gives your Dad more physical therapy as soon as he gets home, which is a key factor in keeping him safe as well as getting him strong. Velohealth will show up to your home the day of discharge, even if its on a weekend.

Scenario 2: A 35 year old female is hiking in the Lehigh Valley, PA and twists her ankle. She doesn't think its broken but it definitely hurts. She does not want to go the ER at the Lehigh Valley Hospital and does not want to call her doctor as she knows he is busy. This is a perfect case for private pay physical therapy! She can call Velohealth and request a physical therapy evaluation that same day. Velohealth can come to her home and evaluate her ankle. The physical therapist can tell her if she needs to get diagnostic imaging or if it is just a strain. If applicable, the physical therapist can start treatment that day with her. She won't have to pay the hefty emergency room bill or the doctor's copay AND she is getting treatment that same day. Now that is GREAT! You may even be able to get reimbursed for your physical therapy visit from your insurance.

Scenario 3: You are 75 year old woman with multiple sclerosis. You live in Easton, PA with your husband. You have, secondary to your disease, received physical therapy on/off your whole adult life. You want to maintain strength and balance but want help from a specialist. This a great scenario for private pay. You can work with a Lehigh Valley based private pay physical therapist who will visit your home at your request. You can work with a therapist to build a program that works for you. The physical therapist can also help with home modifications. That same physical therapist can also provide myo-fascial release, active release therapy, and medical massage as needed. This is great for maintaining body alignment, strength, and balance. All of this in the comfort of your own home!

These are just a few reasons for private pay physical therapy. In addition, did you know that you can get reimbursed from your health insurance? Velohealth provides a form with all the necessary medical codes that then can get reimbursed by your health insurance. This is truly the type of physical therapy you have been waiting for. We PROMISE.

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